Market Research

Research Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is, You Have Options.

concept testing

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You dream and create ideas for your business, but to make those dreams a reality it’s critical to know how they will benefit your customers.  We build the research method around your ideas and what best fits your needs.

In-person tests, online visual surveys and focus groups, nationwide or local, are among the many options available to get you the feedback you need to take your ideas to the next level.

satisfaction surveys

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Online surveys are a cost efficient way to measure how well your business serving your customers and what you can do to serve them even better.  Employee satisfaction surveys can help you make critical HR decisions and make sure your staff are being given the tools they need to succeed in their jobs.  We work with you to develop your questions, we program your survey and deploy to your customers/employees.  You receive a comprehensive report showing the results so you can make any adjustments based on real, relevant feedback.

Data entry & coding

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Data entry is still relevant in many research circumstances, where an online survey doesn’t make sense.  Data entry is the foundation of CDPS, founded in 1976 as a Key Punch service provider.  Our data entry staff have more than 30 years of experience with all types of fields, including mailing lists, research surveys and clinical measurement data.  We hold a 99.8% accuracy rate with our Unibase Double Data Entry system, allowing for full verification of data entered. 

Qualitative data, or open ended verbatims, can be analyzed easily by being categorized and grouped by topics.  Our coding team has many years of experience working with all kinds of questions and building categories relevant to every subject.

product testing

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To stay ahead of the competition, products are always being improved.  We handle IHUT (In home usage tests) from packing and shipping to the final report, you will have detailed results to drive your product design decisions.

data conversion

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If you’ve done your own data collection and already have a dataset, but need to see a different format, we can help.  We convert Excel datasets to multiple statistical database formats, including SAS, SPSS and JMP.

tabulation & database creation

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Raw data doesn’t provide much help unless it is tabulated and arranged into a systematic form.  Tabulating data shows details of the research in a granular way.  We can see results based on answers to certain relevant questions, ideas compared side by side, nested and complex views that would not be possible with a simple raw file.

Our tabs can be converted to a Powerpoint Presentation for presenting findings, compiled in a simple Excel file for viewing, or exported to PDF.  We custom build tables based on the information you want to see, including statistical information such as averages and standard deviations.  We can build to include confidence testing in multiple levels if needed.  The options are very broad, we can accomodate your needs.

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